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We focus on

the highest quality

We are attentive to every minute detail in daily performance, always ensuring that we work with due diligence and in compliance with industry standards.

Our trained internal auditors regularly oversee on-going compliance with the requirements of our quality assurance systems, which cover the entire company and are continuously improved. In addition, we regularly use third-party auditors to review our performance and the Quality Management System.


Our products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). As a result, we ensure quality at every step, from product research and development to manufacturing, packing, storage, transportation, to everyday customer service.

We work exclusively with certified supplies who deliver top-quality components. Rather than relying on certificates presented by vendors, we review the quality and purity of input materials and packaging used in manufacturing.

We test the quality of products and components at laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art testing and measurement technology supported by experienced qualified experts.


We test the stability of our products to make sure that their quality remains unchanged throughout the shelf life. We log and look into all comments from our business clients, customers and patients in accordance with procedures applicable to pharmaceutical products, both with regard to drugs, medical devices, dietary supplements, and cosmetics.


Optimal selection of ingredients

Our activity is based on many years of research and experience of a team of chemists, biologists, pharmacists and doctors. We work with the scientific community and research institutes. We want our products to be of the highest quality.


Highest quality ingredients

We work only with suppliers who are able to meet our high quality requirements. This rule applies not only to active ingredients, but also to excipients and packaging.


High quality of production

We comply with international standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). GMP covers all aspects of production, including standard operating procedures, but also personnel management and its continuous training as well as fixed assets management, including equipment maintenance and material handling.

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