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For the sake of health

and shared future


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We are a Swiss company which combines the development of a proprietary portfolio of OTC products, medical devices, and dietary supplements with professional consulting in the pharmaceutical, medical, and health care industries.


Our partners include manufacturers of drugs and other health products, as well as chemical, biotechnology, and cosmetology companies. Our full-range services include product development and marketing: market research, product concept, proposed ingredients and unique features, the selection of ingredients, technology, and packaging, the selection of the best, most reliable suppliers, manufacturing and oversight, product registration according to the applicable regulations, marketing, and sales support. We have completed the entire process for many international partners and selected parts of the process for others: the scope of the service is always tailored to the needs of the project and individual arrangements. We provide consulting in cost and distribution channel optimisation for existing products.


Based on expanding experience and the monitoring of global pharmaceutical markets, we develop innovative proprietary products of top quality and efficiency.

We manufacture products, taken orally or applied on the skin, which directly impact patients’ health. As such, we understand the responsibility involved in the manufacturing of such products and the trust of customers.

We are committed to continuously taking all measures necessary to ensure the safety and efficiency of all existing and prospective products. Our top priority is the health, satisfaction, and confidence of our patients.

In view of this top priority:

  • we manufacture our products using exclusively selected and tested ingredients and state-of-the-art technology

  • we continuously monitor manufacturing processes according to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) ensuring that all products, including drugs, medical devices, and dietary supplements, are manufactured and controlled according to the requirements of the specifications and marketing documentation

  • we confirm the quality of our products and all their components in regular testing at laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art technology of the highest standards

  • we always aim to ensure complete patient satisfaction with our products

  • we regularly invest in research and development of new unique propositions for patients; we improve our expertise and innovative edge, and register patents in the pharmaceutical and health care industry


People are what makes a company strong and unique. Our team of passionate professionals work every day to earn our reputation and preserve our integrity.

Our people are top-class specialists, graduates of renowned universities with an outstanding track record. They are leading professionals who combine expertise and curiosity, always keen to develop and inspire others to grow. To support them, we provide access to state-of-the-art tools, training, and relations with research centres.

We offer an attractive benefit package to our people. Our remuneration system is developed and reviewed on the basis of market research provided by independent third-party vendors. Systemic and individual development programmes support the improvement of competences and skills of our people. Everyone on our team can fulfil their professional aspirations and move up along the career path within our company. The extensive benefit package includes health benefits such as regular medical check-ups and opportunities for physical exercise.


For the sake of health

and shared future

Quality / Efficiency / Safety

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