NORIS PHARMA develops innovative products based on proven active ingredients and state-of-the-art pharmaceutical technologies.

NORIS PHARMA products are based on innovative technology which delivers well known and proven active ingredients in new pharmaceutical forms. This strategy reduces development time, costs and risks. The company is working on several new pharmaceutical projects. In addition to proprietary projects, the portfolio includes acquired and in-licensed projects.

Product Indication Status
NEO-01 Emollient Phase III
NEO-02 Emollient Phase III
NEO-03 Children daily care Phase III
VAR-01 Chronic venous insufficiency Phase III
NOR-01 Abnormal scaring Launched 2011
EST-01 Aesthetic medicine Phase II
EST-02 Aesthetic medicine Phase II
EST-03 Abnormal scaring Phase II
COU-01 Cough and cold Phase II